Quality Assurance/Quality Control

The quality control processes at Node Contracting LLC begins from day one of the project. From carefully examination of blue prints, job specifications, and documentation to the completion of the project, the company’s comprehensive team of Engineers and other support staff, strictly adhere to the quality assurance requirements to ensure that the highest standards are maintained.

The highly experienced personnel at Node Contracting LLC develop, initiate and adhere to a comprehensive set of Project Quality guidelines and ensure that the required procedures are incorporated to maintain the highest quality throughout each phase of the project. From constant supervision of the project execution to planning the quality performance, the team monitors every aspect to ensure that the project meets the specification requirements of the client.

The following list indicates some of the typical activities undertaken to ensure project quality:

Project Quality
  • Development of a project quality manual to incorporate procedures and flowcharts covering all aspects of the operations
  • Development of the execution Project Quality Plan for effective control and management of the project
  • Constant review and performance of criticality assessments of activities to ensure conformance with project specifications
Procurement Quality
  • Ensure that the client adheres to Quality Assurance requirements while procuring critical systems and structures
  • Auditing modules and equipment to ensure compliance with the required code, standard or project specification
Construction Quality
  • Ensure quality compliance, relating to construction Management & Supervision, Engineering Specialists
  • Provide recommendations to immediately address any area of non-conformance